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There are only two possibilities when it comes to the meaning of life:


Life has meaning.

Life has no meaning.


If there is no meaning to life in general, then there is no meaning to life's details. So, unless you want to accept that your life is meaningless, it is prudent to assume that life has meaning.

If life has meaning, then there is a purpose and a plan and Intelligent Design. In other words, God exists. If God exists, then all things are composed of God-stuff. Scientists can take us back to the Big Bang where all the stuff in the universe was condensed into a tiny point of substance they call the “singularity”. They get stuck there, however, because they don't have a clue as to where that singularity came from. It came from God. That is the only rational explanation. If God exists, then everything came from God. In other words, there is nothing in our entire universe which is not God in some form.

And yet, God takes a backseat in our culture. I remember hiding in a closet to read the Bible when I was very young. I didn't want anyone to know I was interested in learning about God-stuff. I would have been extremely embarrassed had my secret been discovered. Today I notice that when people discuss God, they do so in hushed tones. I find such behavior fascinating. Why are we so afraid of God? When we visit someone who has a lot of spiritual trappings in their home, we immediately label them as some sort of fanatic. Very often these people really are fanatics, because it is not normal to adorn our property with spiritual things. Society does not consider this a normal practice. That kind of adornment is reserved for churches, and holy buildings. God is everywhere, but whatever you do, don't talk about Him.

Not long ago, a very close friend of mine wanted desperately to bring God into his home. He was divorced at the time, but reconciliation was still possible. He had long past gotten over his own fear of God and spiritual matters. He explained to me that it was a period in his life when he was trying to immerse his life in God whenever he could remember to do so. With so many distractions in this world, unfortunately, he would often fail to keep God in the forefront of his consciousness. But, for awhile he was able to maintain an attitude of wanting God with every breath. He told me that he knew during that time that he could accomplish anything with God so close, so he set out to mend his family. It was just him and God, but he added that it was mostly God with him going along for the ride. It was a short ride. He couldn't convince his own children to join him in the exercise. The God Project never got off the ground. Granted, he admits, that he didn't have a step-by-step procedure to follow. He just wanted to recognize God in their everyday lives. He wanted to behave as if God was always in their midst. My friend wanted for each of them to remind each other of God's power and presence at every moment they were together. He believes that his children were too entrenched in social norms to engage in such a project. To them, God's place is in the church where they go for Sunday services. They had no frame of reference in their experience for what my friend wanted them to do, so they rejected the idea. It's not that they were God-less. He is very proud of the fact that his children have been and still are very strong members of their religious community. He agrees that they were just not ready for the spiritual commitment we must all make someday, which will raise God to a higher priority than ourselves.

But enough about my friend. This book is about you. This book is an effort to get you, the reader, to forget about the World of Appearances and venture into the World of Meaning. God exists in both worlds, but a superficial life cannot satisfy you. Delve deeper into God. Conquer your fear and saturate yourself with God. As you read these pages you will become aware of cosmic happenings which are underway even as you read these words. If these happenings are real, there is an incredible opportunity for each of you to pave the way for God in some small way. Start by ridding yourself of hatred of anything or anyone. It is all God. Hatred is God hating Himself. Don't do that. There is no future in hatred. Love is okay. Love everyone and everything. Start today. And quit smoking. There is no future in that either.

I was compelled to write this book by Something bigger than myself. It is mostly a compilation of essays which I follow to a common ground. These essays were written at different intervals over the last two years, so the writing style is not always consistent. I do not expect this book to become very popular, because its theme is not one to draw a large audience. However, as the incredible cosmic events which are now unfolding begin to make headlines, the public is going to need to know more about the Major Players involved and Their motivations. Controversy will always precede man's understanding of genuine truth, and this book will be no exception. Not all that long ago, I would have been persecuted and tortured and forced to recant the beliefs I will express in these pages. There are still powerful forces which would like nothing better than to subject me to that same treatment, because much of what I write is harshly critical against the historical Christian Church. Please forgive my over-exaggerations and my broad brush strokes. I know that there are many devout, sincere, selfless, loving, hard-working Christians who do not deserve to be abused by me or anyone else.

Throughout this book I will be using the generic “He” to refer to God and the terms “mankind” and “men”, etc. to refer to human beings. This is done only for convenience and in no way minimizes the role women play in God's plan. I apologize if this offends anyone.

Also, please keep in mind that much of what I have written is based solely on opinions I have formed through logical deduction, inference and whimsy. Actual Theosophical doctrine will be identified, as such, whenever applicable.

Do not judge this book for its obvious literary flaws. Please judge this book for its intent, which is to open the hearts and minds of anyone interested to the unprecedented goodwill which will soon rain down upon this wonderful planet. As I read my own words, I am both embarrassed at times by their inadequacy, and at other times honored to have had a part in communicating the simple, elegant truths God has compelled me to write.

Maitreya and His Brothers.


This planet is on the verge of disaster. Most of humanity is starving or poverty stricken. The old order is crumbling and there is no human power capable of holding back the tide of change. Social evolution is usually a painstakingly slow affair, but our global economy has sputtered and is now dying after only several months. The house of cards is falling down and there is nowhere on Earth to hide from the wholesale destruction which will soon occur.

That is one way of looking at what is happening, but there is another which adds hope to the equation. For over thirty years there has been a small voice in the wilderness proclaiming that Divine Intervention is right around the corner. Benjamin Creme (his last name rhymes with ‘them’) has devoted most of his life to this modern day John the Baptist role. For over thirty years Mr. Creme has selflessly spread his message to all parts of the world. Many have criticized his efforts as an old man’s folly or the work of the devil, but two thousand years ago he would have gotten the same reaction from people who were ignorant of the truth. Christ did come then, and He has returned to assist humanity with the task of creating peace and brotherhood. The details, however, are going to cause all kinds of confusion.

The first problem is Christ’s name. Christians await the return of Jesus and will consider anyone else to be a false prophet. Christ’s true name, however, according to Mr. Creme, is Maitreya (pronounced my-TRAY-uh). A bigger problem has to do with Jesus, Himself. According to Mr. Creme, Jesus is returning with Maitreya, along with a host of Others, Who are all part of a great Spiritual Brotherhood. So, Jesus is just one of a bunch of Brothers, and He is subservient to this Grand Poobah by the name of Maitreya. That is a recipe for Christian outcry. It’s no wonder many have accused Maitreya of being the Antichrist.

So, who is this Maitreya? Perhaps the best way to explain this whole scenario is to discuss the belief system which Benjamin Creme espouses. It is called Theosophy.

Theosophy is a very complex set of teachings which explains, among other things, the meaning of the universe, the constitution of a human being, and the role of humans as well as all of humanity in the Grand Scheme of Things. Theosophy is encyclopedic in its explanations of everything from the very small to the very large. Theosophy is basically the Answer Book for all of the questions in the universe. Theosophy, in its details, is way beyond the comprehension of mere humans. However, the general, underlying fundamentals of Theosophy are simple enough for a child to grasp, and require only the understanding of two basic concepts which everything else revolves around – Karma and Reincarnation.

Karma is reward and punishment. Plain and simple. Good deeds generate reward, while evil deeds get punished. The metaphor I like to use to explain karma and reincarnation is the rat in the maze trying to get to the cheese. Turning down the wrong path leads to an electric shock, and the rat soon learns to avoid such routes. Karma forces us to follow the path which leads to the greatest reward. We are punished for any behavior which is not perfectly in alignment with God’s plan.

But the road is long, and our body wears out and dies before we reach the prize. Enter Reincarnation. We keep coming back to the maze in a different body, but with the same consciousness, and we take up where we left off. Karma ensures that we constantly grow and become better human beings, always choosing a better path. Reincarnation gives us enough time to reach perfection. That is the purpose of life. To become perfect.

What does this have to do with Maitreya? I’m getting there…

According to Theosophy, human beings continue to be reborn into a human existence until they become perfect. If this is true, then where are all the perfect people who must have reached the cheese by now? Guess what. They are the Authors of Theosophy!

As we progress along the path, we gain more and more knowledge and power, and eventually we reach a point where we no longer need a physical body. The physical body is only necessary to experience the physical world. We learn along the path that there are other worlds, which are far more desirable than the physical, and eventually we take up residence in those worlds. When we finally reach the cheese, after literally hundreds of thousands of lifetimes, we will no longer need to reincarnate. We will be Masters of the Maze and when we need to revisit the physical world we will do so as Super-men.

There is a Theosophical saying which states that with increased esoteric understanding comes increased exoteric responsibility. What that means is that we must use our knowledge gained in service to God and His plan. In fact, service is the only way to progress within the maze, and it turns out that service is required beyond, as well. The Masters are not exempt from that law. They have learned that part of God’s plan is for all of humanity to reach the cheese, so They must do everything in Their power to assist. They are extremely restricted by cosmic laws which require every man to forge his own way through the maze, but They are permitted to influence human evolution in subtle ways. For example, a Master may not walk up to an unworthy person on the street and interfere in any way with his or her personal affairs, but the Master is allowed to impress thoughts into somebody’s brain which may lead to individual or group enlightenment. According to Theosophical lore, Thomas Edison was a beneficiary of this type of assistance, and his ideas were instrumental in our social evolution. The main point is that while reincarnation comes to an end when we master the maze, karma doesn’t stop, and even the Masters continue to evolve and serve.

There is a spiritual hierarchy of Enlightened Entities Who oversee human evolution from higher dimensions of being. Masters are a part of this Hierarchy, but there are varying degrees of mastery. At the very top of this Hierarchy stands the Master of all Masters, the Master alike of Angels and Men, The Christ, a.k.a. Maitreya.

That’s who Maitreya is. And He’s coming for an extended visit. Humanity has reached a milestone in its evolution which has allowed for such a momentous visit from above. Even though the old order is dying, and there appears to be only hopelessness and suffering in our future, the most wonderful time in the life of humanity is on the verge of occurring. In the next few years we will say goodbye to hunger and poverty and fear and sorrow and embrace one another as brothers and sisters of one huge family. Our world has plenty of resources for every single human being on this planet to be perfectly blissful, if everybody shares. And we will share, because that is going to be a requirement.

Sharing is the key to solving all of the problems of humanity. Sharing leads to trust, and trust leads to justice, and justice leads to peace. It’s really very simple. But it all begins with sharing.

The old order operated under exactly the opposite formula. In the old order, a handful of individuals hoarded all of the resources for their own selfish ends. A Visitor from another planet would look at the dying world today and see that most of the human population live in abject poverty and starvation. The reason for this has to do with the non-free-flowingness of the life blood of humanity – money. Money represents power to meet one’s needs. Basic needs like food and shelter cannot be met without money. The Visitor clearly sees why money doesn’t make its way to the starving and the homeless – it’s because the money is controlled by a very small group of people. These people have one thing in common: they don’t like to share.

Harbingers of drastic change will always be ridiculed. Benjamin Creme is no exception. He has had the unfortunate responsibility of communicating to the world that Divine Intervention is at hand. Such an absurd proclamation is bad enough, but Mr. Creme's message ventures deeper into the ridiculous. He claims that there are space ships and super-intelligent aliens from other planets who will play a key role as the process unfolds. He has stated during interviews that even though our technology cannot detect life on other planets, there are intelligent civilizations on every planet of the solar system, but they are pretty much invisible! He claims to be in constant telepathic communication with at least one “Being” Who lives in a non-physical dimension. Benjamin Creme, at face value, sounds like a nut-case!

But then there are the supporting facts which are hard to ignore. Most notably, Mr. Creme predicted several months ago that a luminary object would appear in the sky visible from all corners of the globe during the evening and even visible during daylight hours, which would be the herald of Maitreya’s emergence as World Teacher. Very soon afterwards, there were numerous sightings of unidentifiable foreign objects in our atmosphere, which have been photographed and video-recorded in many countries. And these are no ordinary luminary objects – they dance around and change colors and shapes. According to Mr. Creme, when somebody observes one of these luminary objects, what they have really observed is one of four huge space ships positioned in our atmosphere where they can be seen from anywhere on the planet. Since around December of 2008, individuals and even some news stations have reported sightings of these “stars” which according to Mr. Creme were also present two thousand years ago to guide the Wise Men to Nazareth. More remarkably still, in January 2010, one of the “stars” did something even more amazing. Over the skies of Norway one evening, a perfect spiral was seen in the heavens, which defied scientific explanation. For ten to twelve minutes, something was spiraling in the sky as if it had been pinned to the heavens and twirled around like a pinwheel. Some kind of gas or smoke was being emitted from the object during this display, resulting in an ever-increasing spiral against the black backdrop of the evening sky. You can search the Internet for “Norway spiral” and see for yourself the almost “PhotoShopped®” look of what occurred. The official explanation is that a Russian missile launch had gone awry resulting in one of the stages somehow spinning at a fixed point in the sky, instead of behaving like other failed missile launches shooting randomly in every direction. Anyone with half of a brain will see through this explanation as a feeble attempt to explain the unexplainable. Compared to the official story, Mr. Creme's accounting of this wondrous occurrence is downright believable. He has said that one of the “stars” caused the unusual spiral and that the event triggered the commencement of Maitreya’s public mission.

Maitreya has been on the verge of beginning his public mission since 1978. His mission will orchestrate the most significant changes in human history. Followers of Benjamin Creme, like myself, have known that Maitreya would begin His public mission by giving television interviews throughout the world, beginning in the United States. So when Mr. Creme announced to the world that Maitreya had given His first interview, I knew that the long wait was over and it would just be a short period of time before changes would occur which would benefit all of mankind. At the time of this writing, Maitreya has given twenty-three interviews in the last eight months or so. Details have not been given as to the name Maitreya is using for these interviews, or which television show, or anything which would reveal His identity. He does not want to be revealed until the time is right.

And if Maitreya doesn’t want to be found, nobody is going to find Him. At first I was perplexed, like many other followers of this story, because the most momentous television interview of all time had occurred and there was literally no evidence anywhere. Surely one of the millions of viewers who reportedly saw His interview would post something about it on a web site. Some commentary or video was sure to be forthcoming soon after such a historic event. But there has been absolutely no trace of twenty-three interviews so far. It is nothing short of a miracle.

Jesus performed many miracles, but most of them were comprehensible. For example, when Jesus healed the sick, or even when He raised the dead, it was an event which we could wrap our brains around. The person was sick, or even dead, and Jesus caused that condition to be remedied. But He also performed miracles which did not fall into that category. Materializing stuff out of thin air kinds of miracles. Remember when Jesus was able to feed the multitudes with only two fish and five loaves of bread? I would have liked to have watched that one! Okay, you’ve got two fish and you give some to somebody and there are a bunch of people waiting in line and you just keep giving out more fish. At what point does the new fish materialize? I don’t think the Bible story goes into much detail as to the finer points of the miracle. Did Jesus multiply the fish and bread so there was a mountain of food that could be distributed to the hungry multitudes? Or was it like there was always just two fish and five loaves that were being distributed, but they magically multiplied during the distribution process? Such a feat boggles the mind, but that is the kind of power which Christ wields. I’m thoroughly convinced that Maitreya’s first public miracle will be known as the Miracle of Non-Detection. Millions of people are hearing his message and seeing Him on television and yet He remains hidden in plain sight. Pretty nifty if you ask me!

According to Mr. Creme, Maitreya will continue to conduct interviews in this country, and later in many others, and at some point He will reveal Himself as the Christ and as our World Teacher. On that “Day of Declaration” every man, woman and child fourteen years or older will experience the most glorious event imaginable. The media will have advance notice of this event, so Maitreya will be seen on television. But He will not speak. Instead, every individual will “hear” Maitreya's voice speaking to them in their own language as He comforts them and explains the divine origins of humanity and where we are going and how the Masters have come to assist us with establishing peace and brotherhood. It will be as if God, Himself, is speaking directly into our brain, and countless instantaneous healings will occur that day.

This is the message Benjamin Creme has brought to us, and as ridiculous as it sounds, the evidence is overwhelming to those who are willing to suspend their disbelief and logically consider the facts. I highly recommend visiting Mr. Creme's web site at www.share-international.org. There you can read about the many recent miracles which have occurred, including crosses of light, healing wells and many other divine manifestations.

Sharing this message is the primary motivation for me to write this book. I have been a student of Theosophy for almost forty years, and I know in my heart and in my soul that the Masters are on a mission and They are enormously powerful and enormously compassionate and enormously delightful and They look forward to the cleansing of this planet and the comforting of so many who have suffered for so long. The Masters have written that they are our elder Brothers, and I consider Them to be my true family. In the words of John Lennon, “I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.”


Time for a disclaimer.


Abandon all hope ye who enter here. Ignorance is bliss. Knowing the truth places an onus on the knower. Onuses are, by definition, burdensome and this particular onus is the worst onus imaginable, because it turns out that the Truth is all about your own crucifixion. You might want to close this book now, because to continue reading will place such an onus on you. There is no shortcut or alternate route to bypass the total annihilation of self. The truth is as simple as it is brutal.

The Meaning of Life.


Orthodox religions are based on very ancient information. Theosophy is kind of like an updated version of the data. All world religions are fundamentally the same in that they teach how to find some form of Nirvana or Heaven. The basic formula goes something like this: God Exists, God is good, God wants us to be with Him in His really good world. It is only when we analyze religion in greater detail that all of the conflict arises.

Arguing theological models can lead to greater understanding, as long as we have some basis for our position. Unfortunately, practically all religious arguments have no basis whatsoever for their conclusions. More often than not, people believe a particular religion because the very religion they believe tells them that it is infallible truth. There is little if any sound logic to be found in this type of theological discussion – just a lot of opinion and self-righteousness. If you fall into this category, your religion is based on nothing more than superstition.

Religion is an attempt to explain the relationship between God and man. Since life in the physical world is temporary, you would think that our spiritual, religious life would be our primary focus. Such is not the case. People do not spend their time and energy in Godly pursuits. People want to be happy. They want to be comfortable and surrounded by other people who love them and make them feel good about themselves. People desire luxurious life styles. It’s easy to see what people want. Just look at very rich people. The very rich have massive homes, a collection of vehicles, enormously expensive wardrobes, and basically the best of everything money can buy. There’s just one problem. Money cannot buy happiness. Wealth cannot satisfy you. The best parts of life are not about things. The best parts of life are about people and relationships. The more material wealth you have, the less likely you are to establish meaningful relationships, because when you surround yourself with things, you will attract only those who are interested in your things. But more importantly, attaching yourself to material things anchors you to the material world. Being anchored to the material world makes it impossible to cross the bridge into the spiritual world, where the meaning of life is to be found. One of the Masters has said that to succeed in the material world is considered by Them to be failure. He goes on to say, however, that such failure will eventually lead to understanding, and understanding is a measure of success.

The meaning of life has been the subject of countless books throughout the ages. But, in my experience, books and literature that deal with this topic are usually convoluted and difficult to read. This book is different, because it follows simple, logical threads to a simple, easily understood conclusion. Keep in mind, however, that even though the meaning of life is easy to comprehend, applying its principles to one’s daily life could not be more difficult.

Everything in this book presupposes a Benevolent Higher Intelligence Who is responsible for all that exists. I cannot prove that God exists, but I find it impossible to look up in the sky and see the billions of galaxies and the gazillions of stars and truly believe that our universe is just a product of random chaos. There must be some sort of Huge Intelligence out there Who is “Big-Banging” for a reason. Otherwise our batteries will just wear out one day and we will cease to exist. Our life will have been brief and pointless. The sun will continue to rise and set in the God-less heavens, and more batteries will run out, and more babies will pop out of nowhere until their batteries run out. The meaningless universe will go on forever, or until whatever Big-Banged stops expanding and condenses back into itself. And then Big-Bangs again. Who wants to live in a God-less universe? Not me! Why subject ourselves to the pain and adversity which is part and parcel of the human condition – no matter what income bracket you are in – if there is nothing to gain?

The Church versus Theosophy.


For centuries the Church has successfully misled humanity into believing that there is a shortcut into Heaven. It is called the Blood Sacrifice Deception, or at least that’s what I call it. (Actually, I don’t think anybody else calls it that.) At any rate, the Blood Sacrifice Deception has been very lucrative. You see, the Self-Crucifixion Message, which Jesus was really trying to get across to us, is a very difficult sell. Nobody wants to hear about having to defer gratification, or the need for service and sacrifice. If the Church had been preaching that message all along, there wouldn’t be any butts in any of the pews, and the Pope wouldn’t be the wealthiest man in the world. What made him rich was selling Heaven and eternal glory to the people for a small fee. People will gladly part with a portion of their money every week in exchange for a guaranteed slice of Heaven. Devotion to the Church translates into protection from eternal damnation, fire, brimstone and that “gnashing of teeth” thing.

Let’s discuss the Church for a moment. What I call the Church is really an amalgam of political forces which has presented itself as an intercedent between God and Man. To be fair, I am only referring to the Christian Church, mainly because I have limited knowledge about other Churches. The Church has committed more atrocities than you can shake a stick at. In fact, I recently read that if every human being in the world shook a stick for a year, there would still be atrocities committed by the Church in the name of God that did not get a stick shaken at them. (That’s not really true, I just made it up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it really was true.) Not all that long ago, historically speaking, and even today in some parts of the world, I would certainly have been burned at the stake for my beliefs, and I’m guessing I would have been mercilessly tortured for trying to spread such blasphemy.

Anyway, here is what the Church insists that you believe: God got really mad at Adam and Eve and decided to punish them and their children, and their children’s children, etc… forever. If humans believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died to save them, then that will suffice to exempt them from an eternity of torture in a place called Hell. Let’s say the human lives to be one hundred years old. From the beginning of time until his birth the human simply did not exist. The one hundred years of the human’s behavior during life will determine the eternal afterlife of the human. Regardless of any works performed by said human, a mere belief in Jesus as Savior will be a ticket to eternal bliss. The belief can even occur at the moment of death after any old kind of non-Christian life. Anyone who fails to believe in Jesus as Savior will be tortured eternally. Again, this is regardless of any works performed by said human. Salvation can only be achieved via the mental process of believing. If somebody lives a life of pure selflessness and service to others, it won't make any difference to the outcome. Eternal punishment or eternal reward is predicated on believing something.

Now, you can go on believing that if you want to, but come on people use your brains! In my opinion, many modern day Christians are guilty of breaking both of the most important commandments, which are:


1. Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and all thy soul and all thy mind.

2. Love thy neighbor as thy self.


Anyone who espouses any belief which they cannot explain fully and completely within the framework of a sound belief system is guilty of not loving God with all of their mind. Our mind is used to understand our environment, and God is emphasizing that we should use our reasoning processes in our relationship with Him. Anything short of using our mind to understand God is superstition. How many people do you know, who believe what they believe and would likely defend that belief to the death, but their belief is only based on the fact that other people believe the same thing? Many people call themselves Christians, but do not saturate their lives with God. Even though they believe that we all live, and move, and have our being within God, He takes a backseat to other priorities, like immediate gratification in the material world. I’m not slamming the individuals for this behavior; I’m slamming the Church for creating this atmosphere of complacency through centuries of delivering the wrong message to the masses. The Church intimidated the ignorant masses with fear of eternal damnation. If people did not believe what the Church dictated, they were labeled heretics and were subjected to brutal tortures and death.

The message of Jesus was not about fear of Hell; it was about how to find Heaven. He showed us the way, and the way leads through the crucifixion of self. He said, “Pick up your cross and follow me”, and for those who needed further motivation He said “If you don’t pick up your cross you are not worthy of Me.” If the Church had promoted self crucifixion instead of fear of eternal damnation, it would have never gained the power it has today. People are not interested in service and sacrifice. People are interested in immediate gratification. And the Church gave them a free ride in life. The Church proclaimed that we don’t have to do anything to reach eternal salvation except believe that Jesus died for our sins. That effectively obliterates the real meaning of Jesus’ life.

Had the Church emphasized service and sacrifice as the key to eternal reward, the second greatest commandment would have taken on much greater significance. Love thy neighbor as thy self. Jesus did not say to just love our neighbor. He said to love our neighbor as if he or she were our very self. We have this measure of love with our closest relatives and friends to some extent, but He was giving us a clue as to the meaning of human existence. There is nothing but God in the universe. Everything is made of God. That includes you and me and everyone and everything else. Human perception falls short of this divine truth, but that does not negate the divinity of all things. We have a common, divine essence. Unity is a fact. Even our rudimentary scientific understanding of the universe embraces the unity of all things, because everything is composed of atoms. If everything is one, then we are all one. Loving our neighbor as our self is more in alignment with truth than seeing ourselves as separate and distinct. Through love our awareness expands. We are enriched by relationships. John Lennon understood when he wrote that “All you need is love.” If we love everyone, they love us back, and the rewards are exponentially unimaginable. Had the Church emphasized the loving our neighbor theme, we might have manifested long ago the Heaven on Earth that seems to be what God has in mind for us.

This book is not based on my opinion. This book is based on Theosophy, which is a science that explains … well, everything. Theosophy is a much more current doctrine than Christianity, or Islam, or the Oriental beliefs. Theosophy is also far more detailed than any of these. There are dozens of books provided by the Authors of Theosophy ranging in topics from atoms to solar systems. And there are detailed explanations for the concepts discussed in those books. Theosophy is not based on some book full of ambiguous parables. Theosophy is a science with supporting reference books containing truths based on the personal experiences, discoveries, and observations of its Authors – the Masters of the Maze.

The Masters have been gradually given more and more freedom by God to share with humanity the lessons They have learned. In the Middle Ages, the doors and windows separating the Masters and men were locked securely with only rare exceptions made to impress human minds. Between 1500 and the late 1800’s an occasional window was opened, permitting a freer flow of ideas to pass to humanity, but when the Theosophical Society was formed in 1875, all the doors were opened wide. The Masters desire nothing more than to fulfill God’s plan, and part of that plan is for Them to externalize into the world of men. They want to assist Christ in His efforts to teach humanity how to solve the major problems in the world today. To do this They must walk among us in physical bodies alongside Maitreya, Who, I will reiterate, is the greatest Master of Them all. Christ will reappear very soon to help us fix the world. He would have been here a long time ago if there had been more human interest in this whole affair.

The Masters teach a different flavor of Christianity. Theosophy is like all of the best parts of all of the major religions in the world rolled into one. Theosophy is all-inclusive. Nobody is excluded from the heritage and glory reserved for humanity. Theosophy is all about establishing Heaven on Earth. This is the major difference between Theosophy and other major religions. Most religions teach us how we can get to Heaven after we die. While we are alive, we must establish and maintain a personal relationship with God and do our best to avoid the devil’s temptations. We can pray for others to also see the light of the Holy Spirit which guides us, but we are powerless to save anyone from eternal hellfire if they do not make the choices we have made. It is unfortunate that so many will suffer eternal torture, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. God is an angry God Who you don’t want to get on the wrong side of.

There are millions of people who actually believe this stuff, because they trust that their religious leaders are telling them the truth. We trust our experts, because they should know more than we do. If I hadn’t learned about Theosophy at an early age, I would be just another exploited individual trusting the Church to protect me from evil.

Here’s the problem: People want a shortcut. They do not want to live religious lives. First of all, it is common knowledge that religion is a taboo topic for social conversation. Secondly, religion is boring. People want to be stimulated, constantly. It’s bad enough that they have to go to church occasionally and pretend to be interested. Most people, not all of course, but most people can’t wait to get out of the church, so that they can stimulate themselves with something which will provide immediate gratification. The preacher is often not much different than the people in his congregation. He has probably long ago lost his idealistic enthusiasm for teaching people about God (if he ever had any in the first place), because nobody cares. Or certainly not enough people to make his efforts worthwhile. In our culture, Church is the way to get closer to God. People are not interested in God. Not until they get older or sick or approach death in any way. That is the only time people become interested in religion. Until then, people are interested in only one thing – self.

My goal is to put before you the simple truth about the meaning of life and where we as individuals fit into God’s plan. Reading a reference book about Theosophy will not give you the simple explanation which I will provide. Theosophical doctrine will confuse you and probably turn you off to its future study.

The truth contained in Theosophical literature is incredibly powerful and therefore needed to be kept secret from the dark side of humanity who would have used it for selfish purposes. All restrictions have been lifted in the last thirty years, however, but its built-in security continues to obscure the precious knowledge.

This book describes the simple elegance of Theosophy which any twelve-year-old can understand. A good analogy for how Theosophy can be simple and incredibly complex at the same time is in the way a computer works. Computers today are a marvel in their ability to process enormous amounts of data at speeds which defy comprehension. The inner workings of a computer are unimaginably complex, and yet at their very essence computers are based on nothing more than a bunch of zeros and ones. Theosophy is even more complicated than the computer in its essential details, but similar to the computer Theosophy can be broken down into its atomic simplicity.

The word Theosophy is derived from “Theo” meaning God and “Sophia” meaning wisdom. Theosophy truly is God’s wisdom, because it originates from Beings Who are much closer to God. To be fair, I must admit that Theosophy is no different from any other world religions as far as being able to prove its veracity, but in terms of logic, Theosophy far surpasses any of the world religions.

Theosophy refers to a school of thought which emerged in the late 1800’s. According to Helena P. Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, the Theosophical doctrine was communicated to her, for the most part, via mental telepathy. The Masters, Whom I have already described, were her Sources for this “Ageless Wisdom” as it is sometimes called. Through Blavatsky and later Alice A. Bailey several years later, the Masters made Theosophy available to the public.

I was first introduced to Theosophy when I was around sixteen years old. For almost forty years, I have embraced Theosophy as absolute truth. And while I freely admit that I cannot comprehend much of the doctrine, I believe that I do understand enough to argue its fundamental logic. Let me explain my ignorance. To the casual observer Theosophy is couched in what I like to call gobbledygook. Here is an excerpt from “A Treatise on Cosmic Fire:”


In defining transmutation as it is occultly understood, we might express it thus: Transmutation is the passage across from one state of being to another through the agency of fire. The due comprehension of this is based on certain postulates, mainly four in number. These postulates must be expressed in terms of the Old Commentary, which is so worded that it reveals to those who have eyes to see, but remains enigmatic to those who are not ready, or who would misuse the knowledge gained for selfish ends. The phrases are as follows:

  1. He who transfers the Father's life to the lower three seeketh the agency of fire, hid in the heart of Mother. He worketh with the Agnichaitans, that hide, that burn, and thus produce the needed moisture.
  2. He who transfers the life from out the lower three into the ready fourth seeketh the agency of fire hid in the heart of Brahma. He worketh with the forces of the Agnishvattas, that emanate, that blend, and thus produce the needed warmth.
  3. He who transfers the life into the gathering fifth seeketh the agency of fire hid in the heart of Vishnu. He worketh with the forces of the Agnisuryans, that blaze, that liberate the essence, and thus produce the needed radiance.
  4. First moisture, slow and all enveloping; then heat with ever-growing warmth and fierce intensity; then force that presses, drives and concentrates. Thus is radiance produced; thus the exudation; thus mutation; thus change of form. Finally liberation, escape of the volatile essence, and the gathering of the residue back to primordial stuff.


He who ponders these formulas and who meditates upon the method and suggested process will receive a general idea of the evolutionary process of transmutation which will be of more value to him than the formulas whereby the devas transmute the various minerals.


What the Master is trying to say in that excerpt is way beyond my comprehension. Theosophical literature is filled with this kind of esoteric information. When I reach the gobbledygook, I generally skim through the pages until I find something more comprehensible. But even the readable sections tend to be very technical. Theosophy is not fun to read. It is incredibly satisfying to be exposed to such deep truth, but the enjoyment it provides is very cerebral. I will often shed tears of happiness while reading the Master's words, but there are very few, if any, laughs. You will not find anything about rats in a maze, and there is certainly no reference to cheese of any kind. I somehow feel it is my responsibility to simplify and humorize Theosophy, so that the average man on the street can benefit from its wonderfulness. If Maitreya were not already doing television interviews, I think I would hesitate to reveal these truths. But the end game has begun, and the sooner Theosophy becomes more of a household term, the better for everyone.

Why must Theosophy be so cryptic? The Masters obviously want to communicate these truths to humanity, and yet, from the standpoint of the average man, most of what They write is shrouded in complexity and confusion. I’m guessing that similar to Jesus two thousand years ago, the Masters are constricted by cosmic rules which do not allow a spoon-fed Answer Book to the masses. I think Jesus could have been a whole lot clearer with His message as opposed to speaking in ambiguous parables. He could have given us specific, detailed information which could have sped up our social evolution considerably. But He didn’t do that and I have to believe it is because that level of communication was not allowed.

I don’t think anyone who believes in God would deny the notion that if God wanted to, He could snap His fingers and eliminate all pain and suffering in an instant. After all, He created the whole freaking universe! The only logical explanation for His non-interference with human affairs is that everything which is occurring – the good as well as the bad – must be an integral part of His greater plan. We don’t understand the value of suffering, because all we perceive is the pain. But, ironically, pleasure cannot be experienced if pain did not exist. Therefore, pain is a necessary part of our evolution and must be endured and resolved before we can progress along the path which leads to greater enlightenment. Our tiny myopic perspective is often blind to the greater picture where everything is always in balance.

For whatever reason, the awesome wisdom of the Masters has not been funneled into the mainstream of public awareness. Very few people have ever heard of Theosophy. Those who have, for the most part, have not gotten past its arrogant crust to find the nectar of truth at its core.

The basis of Theosophy is quite simple and elegant and logical. To reiterate, Theosophy teaches that through karma and reincarnation man becomes perfected. Karma ensures that we continually learn and grow, because karma, as a system of reward and punishment, will modify our behavior for the better. This presupposes a moral path which is in alignment with God’s plan. Straying from the path leads to punishment, and since we are conditioned to avoid the pain, we gradually align our plans with God’s plans. Reincarnation ensures that we have enough time to reach our goal. It’s really that simple.

What I have always liked about Theosophy is that it was and still is authored by “People” who directly experienced the truth in its pages. I have no reason to doubt Theosophy, because it provides answers where other religions/philosophies just lead to more questions. I’ll never forget what a Catholic priest told me when I was very young. He said that he could answer any question I asked him about religion, but most of my questions would get the same answer from him: “I don’t know.”

Theosophy never stood a chance anyway, compared to the alternative religions available. Self sacrifice and service don’t sell tickets. But when Maitreya gets rolling and people finally understand the benefits of sharing and Heaven begins to gradually materialize, Theosophy will become the only religion. We will learn about the Path of Enlightenment, and we will willingly and lovingly help each other evolve and grow. We are all in the process of becoming perfect ourselves, and Maitreya and His Brothers want nothing more than for us to succeed. “Be ye therefore perfect, even as I am perfect.” That is what Jesus preached, and that is what These Great Brothers emphasize as well.

People who claim Maitreya is the Antichrist either have not read Theosophical teachings, or do not understand Theosophical teachings. Theosophy and Maitreya are all about sharing, and love, and harmony, and peace, and justice for all. To find evil in such motivation requires a very tiny mind.

The purpose of this book is to convince you that Heaven exists all around at every point in time and space. Perceiving Heaven is the goal for human beings and that perception will occur as a reward for doing the right thing. Life is nothing more than opportunity to change the world. Think about it this way: every action – every thought, word and deed we perform – changes the universe in some small way. The entire universe is different after our action. An “after” snapshot will be exactly the same as a “before” snapshot, with the single exception of what we did. Our actions are like pebbles being dropped into a pond. Each pebble triggers a ripple effect which courses through the entire pond. God owns the pond, and He is very particular about how He wants His property treated. God wants everything and everyone to be perfect. He wants everyone to be happy and contented. He wants one big happy family in Paradise. That is His plan. Heaven on Earth. When our actions are selfless they help to bring His plan to fruition, and so we are rewarded. Conversely, when our self-centered actions interfere with His plan, we are punished. This is the simple truth.

Life can be described as one long chain of decisions. When those decisions reflect denial of self and service to others, that life is on the path to Heaven. Selflessness and service are the keys to finding eternal happiness and while I cannot prove this beyond all doubt, I can use strong logical arguments to support this theory from multiple points of view.

The Two Worlds.


To understand the meaning of life, one must first believe that life actually has meaning. To have a meaning or purpose presupposes a plan for all things, and a blueprint for how each thing interconnects with all the other things. We are kind of like pieces of a giant puzzle, or integral parts within a huge machine. The details of this blueprint are extremely complex and beyond the scope of this book. The general picture, however, is not complex at all, and the key is to see the existence of two, mutually exclusive, seemingly separate worlds – the World of God and the World of Man.

There are clearly two different worlds – God’s world and man’s world. One world is far more desirable than the other. God is The Creator. He lives in the spiritual world where there is no suffering, no stress, and no discomfort of any kind. The spiritual world can only be described with a lot of positive adjectives, like harmonious, balanced, peaceful, unified, wonderful, etc. We cannot be absolutely sure that this is true, of course, but given that God is a benevolent God, I don’t think it is an unfair assumption that God’s world is as good as it gets. Another characteristic of God’s world is that everything is unified. Everything blends together and merges in the spiritual kingdom, as opposed to the way everything is separate and distinct in man’s world. The World of God is one big happy family. There is no drama, there are no sharp angles. There is only cohesion and merging. The World of God is rather Heavenly.

The World of Man can be described without any assumptions, because we have plenty of empirical data available. Man’s world is a mixture of positive and negative adjectives, but the good is nowhere near good enough to cause anyone to choose the World of Man over the World of God. Sure, our life has lots of great moments and there are innumerable glorious and awesome places on this planet which could be transplanted into God’s kingdom, but momentary pleasures and natural beauty do not offset the pain and the fear which seem to plague all men, regardless of their material wealth. Every one of us faces certain death after an aging and deterioration process which is often accompanied by much pain and sorrow. The World of Man is characterized by walls and boundaries separating everything and everyone. The forces and energies in the World of Man are often in direct conflict with one another.

So, there are two worlds, one more desirable than the other, and all men want to find the bridge into God’s world to end their suffering and to enjoy eternal bliss. Where is this bridge?

Each one of us is a unique, sharply defined entity, in many ways at odds and in conflict with our environment. There is no blending, no easy and natural cooperation, no communal culture on a global scale. In the World of Man it is every man for himself and survival of the fittest. Conflict is the backdrop of the World of Man, whereas goodwill is the backdrop in the World of God.

Everything in our perceived universe is in a relative state of conflict, and yet everything shares a common denominator. There is a basic, fundamental building block for everything in the physical universe – the atom. Every single thing is composed of atoms. Everything. That includes you, me, the lamp post, and your Aunt Matilda. Atoms pervade the entire differentiated universe.

This fact creates a dilemma in my mind, because atoms are, themselves, pretty much empty space folded around a bunch of electrical charges. To give you an idea of how much empty space an atom has, picture a huge cathedral with a gnat on the floor. The gnat represents the nucleus of the atom. The orbits of the electrons occur where the walls of the cathedral are located. To give you an idea of how small an atom is, if an electron were scaled to the size of an apple, the height of a human being with that size electrons would be greater than the diameter of our solar system! The entire substantial universe is made of these tiny, insubstantial building blocks. How in the world do we get the entire differentiated universe if it’s all made out of a bunch of empty space?

Let’s look at the universe from a different angle. Let’s look at it as if we were an atom. We are nothing but atoms anyway. Just a collection of atoms. At our very inner core we are atoms. From the outside we are an organism composed of various biological systems, which in turn are composed of various organs and tissues, which in turn are composed of cells, but the cells are made of atoms.

From the atomic perspective, the entire universe can only be perceived as a lot of other atoms. There are different types of atoms, but that is all. There are no other differentiations. You, me, and your Aunt Matilda are gone. Lamp post…gone. Subdividing mass to that level dissolves time and space into a sea of boundless energy. From the atomic perspective the universe can only be described as harmonious, balanced, peaceful, unified and wonderful. Wait a minute! Doesn’t that sound familiar? Doesn’t that sound a whole lot like the World of God? Could it be?! Could it be that the World of God is right here in front of us overlapping the World of Man? Could it be that there are just atoms in the universe and depending on our perspective we will either see differentiation or harmony? We will either perceive the World of Man or the World of God?

Bingo! The World of Man and the World of God are one and the same thing. There is only one universe with a bunch of atoms which can be seen as The Grand Illusion -- differentiated, conflicting, disharmonious entities warring with one another, or the glorious opposite. There is a spectrum of awareness which ranges from absolute unity and bliss to absolute disintegration and suffering. From the real to the unreal. All of these perspectives exist simultaneously -- overlapping the same time and space. Our consciousness can either be aware of the illusionary differentiation, with all of the sharp angles and the drama and the pain, or somehow we can shift our awareness into the World of God. Our vehicle of awareness is capable of registering all ranges of the spectrum. To enter the kingdom of God, therefore, we merely have to shift our way of looking at the world.

Why do we see the illusion? Why do we function in the World of Man and not the World of God?

To answer this question we must consider the unity found in the World of God versus the disunity found in the World of Man. The World of Man is made up of a bunch of men. Each man has a tiny little self with a tiny little plan to maximize the comfort of his tiny little self. Selfishness pervades the World of Man. On the other hand, in the World of God the opposite is true. The tiny self does not enter the World of God, it merges into the community. There are no tiny little plans in the World of God. There is only one plan – God’s plan. And that is all that is needed because God’s plan is all about maximizing the comfort of everyone.


The World of Man is a selfish kingdom.

The World of God is a selfless kingdom.


It is, therefore, the self which is the key to shifting our awareness out of the illusion of the World of Man and into the reality and the truth of the World of God. The world we view depends on how selfishly or selflessly we behave. We exist in both worlds simultaneously. We can fine tune our awareness by tweaking our behavior. It’s like getting better music reception on a radio station by fiddling with the tuner knob. The World of Man is just a bunch of static. The World of God is the music we are trying to tune in. Behaving in a selfish manner will yield only static. Behaving in a selfless manner gets us closer to the true sound. Marginal selfless behavior will still result in more static than truth, but we can still faintly hear the music behind the static. Total selfless behavior eliminates all of the static and we are rewarded by the absolute clarity of the music.

I like this analogy but it is somewhat flawed, because it lacks the clear idea of a spectrum. Absolute selfishness and absolute selflessness are two polar opposites on the spectrum of “Types of Possible Behavior,” (hereinafter referred to only as “the spectrum”). The radio dial is not spectrum based, but it serves to explain my point. Let’s convert the radio dial analogy to a spectrum based analogy. On the leftmost end of the spectrum is absolute self-centered behavior which will yield nothing but pure static. The static represents awareness within the World of Man. Just the tiniest fraction to the right will yield a tiny bit of music. There is no way that the music will be discernible from the static, but it is definitely there. It’s like one part music mixed with a gazillion parts of static. The music exists but is barely more than theoretical. Halfway to the right of this spectrum, guess what? That’s right, half music, half static. And of course the rightmost part of the spectrum represents pure music. The music is God’s world. The static is man’s world. Here is another analogy. Let’s say that absolute static at the leftmost end is pure blue and absolute music on the opposite end is pure red in color. At the middle of the spectrum would be pure purple, because we know that purple is created by mixing equal parts of the colors blue and red. A hair to the right of the leftmost end will appear to be pure blue, but it’s really not because there is a tiny, tiny bit of red mixed in. At any rate, the point on the spectrum is determined by our behavior. Are we behaving as if we are in God’s world? Or are we behaving as if we are in man’s world?

By extinguishing our self we can enter the kingdom of Heaven. There is no actual entering, because we are already there. Our shift in awareness will make us feel as though we have entered the spiritual kingdom. But does that mean we have to die in order to gain eternal life? Oh, I guess that has already been established in the Bible, hasn’t it? Jesus did mention something to that effect, or come to think of it, I think those were His exact words. We must die to gain eternal life. Not our body -- our self-centeredness.

Let’s analyze one of these selfs that clutter up the World of Man. In the very beginning, the self is just a baby. At the moment of birth, the baby emerges into a very harsh environment in comparison to the womb it has left behind. One minute it is warm and snuggly and well fed and sheltered, and the next minute it gets squashed through a very small opening which leads to a world of noise and pain and the beginnings of life-long stress. And what does the baby do? It screams bloody murder, that’s what it does! A baby is dependent on others for everything in this world. Left on its own, a baby cannot survive. It cries as a survival mechanism to get its needs met. A baby puts a lot of energy into crying. It tenses up practically every muscle it has and explodes with as much noise as possible. The reason it does this is because during its infancy the self is at the far left end of the spectrum. A baby is totally and completely self-centered. It has to be in order to survive, but come on kid, get a grip! It’s usually crying for some minor discomfort and the way it carries on you’d think it was the end of the freaking world! (Note: When describing the self during left side spectrum development, there will tend to be an over-abundance of exclamation points. I apologize for any imbalanced punctuation.)

Let’s move along the self development cycle to get away from all the screaming and exclamation points! As a toddler, the child is not as completely self-centered as during its infancy, but we won’t be handing out many awards for saint-like behavior during this phase either. The baby demanded immediate attention. The toddler tries to demand immediate attention, but something has changed. The toddler doesn’t always get the immediate attention (or shouldn’t). If a toddler were to carry on as the infant and erupt into Mt. Vesuvial tears at the drop of a hat, the toddler would not get the same reaction. The toddler knows this from experience. The toddler has learned that he can get what he wants, but he has to watch the timing. The toddler is still self-centered, but he has a small smattering of selflessness mixed in with his selfishness. Society teaches the toddler that total selfishness is not acceptable. There is a difference between the infant’s needs and the toddler’s needs. Infant needs are more basic – food and comfort. Toddler needs become more complex; they want social acceptance in addition to the basic food and comfort. To meet these social needs the toddler is forced to be less selfish. Johnny won’t play with him if he doesn’t share his toys. Aunt Matilda won’t shower him with praise if he is constantly beating up his sister because she’s younger and gets all the attention. We grudgingly alter our behavior in order to meet our social needs. If we do not change our selfish ways, we get the dreaded stigma of being perceived as immature.

Maturity is all about self control, but more importantly it is all about demonstrating selflessness. The mature thing to do in any given circumstance is measured by the degree of selflessness exhibited. I can scream bloody murder until I am blue in the face like the absolutely immature infant, or I can endure the pain silently without bringing any attention whatsoever to my situation. The silent choice amounts to acting as if my self did not exist, doesn’t it? If nobody knows my pain, it might as well not even exist. The internal struggle to protect others from having to show any consideration to me is a strong selfless act. Such an act will move me further to the right on the spectrum and I will be rewarded with that much more awareness of God’s world. At first the selfless behavior is done under duress, and the motivation is pretty selfish, as ironic as that sounds. But gradually the motivation becomes selfless as well, and it is at that point in the development of the self that great strides can be made along the spectrum, across the bridge into God’s world.

As our self shrinks, and as the truth and beauty of the World of God seep into our awareness, there is a very interesting transformation which is occurring. A person on the left side of the spectrum sees the world as if it were a three-dimensional interactive movie. The eyes are like the movie projector and the world is seen as something outside of the self. The entire universe at this stage of development is separated into self and not-self. The self is the physical body plus the emotions and thoughts of the individual. The not-self is everything and everyone else in the entire universe. For a long period of time this three-dimensional movie is the overriding dynamic in a person’s life. But as we progress further to the right on the spectrum, the self and the not-self exchange roles. The more we are influenced by the World of God and the more selfless we become, what we once considered to be our real self withers and dies leaving only the not-self for us to identify with. We see the beauty and the truth in everything and everyone and we are able to look past their flaws. We care about others because as the self shrinks we are recognizing the characteristics of the World of God more and more and the edges are blurring and everyone is gradually becoming one family in which we play an integral part.

It is also important to note that our entire self does not get eliminated. A human being has two parts – a higher self and a lower self. The only way to exist in any world is to have a body which senses and responds to that particular environment. The World of God requires a very pure mechanism, but the World of Man can be perceived by the lowest of the low. The lower self holds the reigns to our awareness and to our behavior during the left spectrum period of our development. The lower self is the part of us which nobody really cares for. It is the part of us that tells us to beat up our little sister, because she is getting all of the attention. It is the part of us that doesn’t share with anyone. It is the part of us that is constantly saying “Gimme, gimme, gimme, now, now, now!” It is the part of us that even a mother cannot love. It is the devil inside of us. The sooner the lower self is eradicated, the better for everyone. And once it is erased, we have not lost our individuality, because our higher self is the real jewel of our existence. Each one of us is unique, and incredibly sparkly and wonderful, and will contribute something to the world which nobody else can. We are an irreplaceable part of a divine mosaic which will one day be revealed in all of its glory. I’m referring to our higher self. Our lower self is merely an obstacle to this future realization.

You may have noticed that I have not talked about Hell. Heaven is the World of God, and we live in the World of Man, so where is Hell? Let’s do some more analysis. In the World of Man, we are constantly being challenged to do the right thing, the mature thing, the selfless thing. When we are successful, we slide a little further on the spectrum allowing us to perceive a little bit more of Heaven. The challenges we face are always accompanied by an internal struggle of good versus evil. The best way to describe our struggle is with the familiar image of the little angel on one shoulder and the little devil on the other shoulder, each trying to influence our behavior. The process of maturity is all about defeating the little devil that, in one way or another, wants us to stimulate our lower self. That little devil holds the reigns over our behavior while our self is on the left side of the spectrum. As we mature, the little devil loses its influence and eventually dies along with our lower self. The little devil is an agent of Satan who rules the Underworld. The little angel is an agent of God Who rules the Overworld. Have you figured out where Hell fits into the picture yet? Hell is the Underworld. Heaven is the Overworld. Hell is the Kingdom of Man. Heaven is the Kingdom of God. We live in Hell!

To summarize, we exist in Hell. We can enter Heaven by changing our behavior. We must behave in a selfless manner to alter our awareness. The lower part of us, which is only interested in immediate stimulation and gratification – the immature part of us – dies totally as we mature through selfless behavior.

Hell is an illusion as is everything else within the World of Man. The fact that the building blocks of the physical world have very little real mass supports this supposition. Everything that we perceive is like an optical illusion, but the illusion involves all of our five senses. This Grand Illusion is part of God's plan, and it provides the proving ground for human existence. If Hell is an illusion, then so too is Satan. This is a concept which many intelligent people have a hard time accepting. How can anyone suggest that there is no Satan in this world? At every moment of every day there is some form of cold-blooded, heinous, despicable act being perpetrated. Satan surely must be responsible in some measure for such evil. Here's the thing: every act ever performed, is now being performed, or ever will be performed by a human being is the result of one thing only – a decision by that human being to perform that act. Period. The Bible says that “what you sow, that shall you also reap.” It does not say anything about what the devil makes you sow. You are responsible for the pebble you toss into God's pond. Your action changes His universe either in accordance with His plan or in opposition to it. You will suffer the consequences or enjoy the reward. There is no devil. The devil is just part of the illusion. When we alter our behavior to become more and more selfless, the devil gradually fades away.

Within the illusion, everything is real. This is a very important statement, which bears repeating. Within the illusion, everything is real. The devil is real, Hell is real, separateness is real, you and your Aunt Matilda and the lamp post, etc... all real. Reality is relative to your perception, which is dependent on your measure of selflessness. Within the illusion, a motor car is very real and will pulverize you if you get in its way and you will suffer great pain. But the deeper truth is that the motor car and your body and everything else in the universe is really just a bunch of energy. Unfortunately, the deeper truth is meaningless until we cross the bridge into the World of God. And achieving the atomic perspective can only be accomplished by service and sacrifice. Until then, it is best to avoid the motor cars.

Everything is a thought form. Ideas originate in the world of thought as creations from somebody with a mind. The World of Man is a huge thought form created by God. If He were to stop thinking about the World of Man, i.e. the differentiated universe, for even a split second, everything would disintegrate. Having been created in the image and likeness of God, humans have very similar potency with their thoughts. Probably one of the most powerful occult axioms ever divulged to mankind is that energy follows thought. When we create an idea, if we dedicate enough time and energy thinking about it, that idea will manifest into the physical world. That is the way ideas work. It does not matter if an idea is good or bad, all that matters is how much energy we feed it. When two or more people are thinking the same thought, the results are that much more powerful. When gazillions of people are thinking the same thought, even if there is no factual basis for the thought form, incredibly powerful entities like Satan can be created.

The lower self will do anything to perpetuate its existence. The idea of the devil as a scapegoat for wrong behavior bought the lower self of humanity a lot of time. Without going into too much Theosophical doctrine, humanity, as a collective entity, also has a higher and a lower self. Just as the lower self of an individual will do anything in its power to extend its control over the reigns of the consciousness of a man, the lower self of humanity has identical selfish motivations, at a group level.


The obvious flaw in my philosophical model is that the atomic perspective is replete with harmony, balance and tranquility, but there is no form. Where is the Old Guy with the long white beard pulling switches and levers? What about the angels and the saints and the Pearly Gates? There should at least be some clouds! The World of God cannot be just a bunch of formless energy the way it is represented in this model. Here’s the thing – the atoms are just a clue for us. Their perfection is more a symbol for the World of God until our sense apparatus changes as we slide to the right along the spectrum. Our eyes will see the glory and our ears will hear the symphonies of God’s splendor, but only as we adjust our behavior, thereby altering our perception. While we are on the left side of the spectrum, the World of God can only be inferred from the perfection of the atomic perspective.

And though we may not actually see the World of God with our eyes during our progress along the spectrum, we will definitely perceive His world in other ways. Many agree that it is better to give than to receive, and the reason is the way giving makes us feel inside when we tap into the universal love of God’s world. Feelings of love generated by giving are glimpses of the World of God. Only atoms exist, and they exist in a state of absolute harmony. That harmony is the Love of God, which is what we so desperately desire to merge into and experience forever. Giving from the heart is “loving our neighbor as our self” and has two powerful results. The first is the momentary glimpse into God’s love which I have just described, and it lasts for just a short period of time. The second result is the ongoing effect which our loving action sets into motion and which takes the form of the future relationship we will have with the target of our generosity. When we truly love someone, they will truly love us back, and the rewards translate into life-long appreciation and reciprocation. Truly loving more and more people creates an exponential chain-reaction of goodness from which we benefit immensely.

We therefore need only to give everything we have of our self to everyone around us to cross the bridge into God’s kingdom. The logic of this argument is sound, but the application is next to impossible. We may fear that as our self gradually disintegrates through selfless development along the spectrum, our very identity will get totally lost and we will become just an insignificant “drop in the ocean.” The reality, however, is that there is no loss at all. Instead of becoming just a drop in the ocean, we actually become “the ocean within a drop”, and the rewards of such self sacrifice far outweigh any discomfort we may experience along the way.

The Bucket of Badness.


We all have faults. Some of our faults we admit to having and either rationalize our less than perfect behavior, or we try to correct it. We have other flaws of which we are not aware. We have a very hard time admitting to these flaws when someone else points them out to us. These are the most difficult problems to solve within ourselves. If you take all of these character flaws, the ones we admit to plus the ones others perceive, and group them together, their combination represents our obstacles to perfection and bliss. I like to call this our “Bucket of Badness”. It is what we carry around with us wherever we go and which announces us to the outside world. Our flaws generally become evident to everyone over time, even though we ourselves are only aware of some of them.

Our goal is to empty our Bucket through ever increasing selfless behavior. Badness and selfishness are one and the same thing. Pick any of the seven cardinal sins. Lust, envy, gluttony, sloth, wrath, greed, pride. Each sin involves immediate gratification of the self, so clearly badness, or evil, has its roots in selfish behavior. If our goal is to empty our Bucket of Badness, the only way to reach our goal is to die to self. The material world is nothing more than a huge distraction for the individual who is on the road to liberation. The material world loses its power over us as we empty more and more of our Bucket. Eventually we realize that true satisfaction and fulfillment seep into our consciousness as our lower selfish tendencies slowly die. Never forget that we must die to gain eternal life. There will be tears. If there are no tears, then we are not making any progress. We may delude ourselves into thinking that our Bucket is emptying, but others will not agree. We must pick up our cross and follow Christ’s footsteps every inch of the way to the crucifixion. This is the way of evolution for the human being. This is the path which leads to true happiness. The Ascension into Heaven can only occur after the total crucifixion and annihilation of that part of our self which demands immediate gratification and is incapable of sharing and love. The human being is part animal and part divine. As the lower self shrinks and the animal appetites of the man are brought under control, the limited animal consciousness is gradually displaced by the higher divine nature and results in heightened awareness of glory. This glory has always surrounded us, but has been obscured by our attachment to the illusion of separateness. Reality is like an onion, which hides many layers of perception. As we follow Christ to our crucifixion, we shed layer after layer of the imperfection which prevents us from seeing the truth and from being the divine creatures who we really are. Selflessness is nothing more than non-attachment to the material world. The material world is the home and the stomping grounds of the lower self. When we detach ourselves from the material world, our consciousness breaks free from the anchors which have held it prisoner and this allows us to explore the vastness of God’s glorious universe. Of course, this is only figuratively speaking, because we do not relocate physically in time and space, we just become aware of the overlapping Heaven which has always existed, but which we were not permitted to enjoy. And can you guess what is at the very bottom of our Bucket? When we empty the very last imperfection the Bucket isn’t empty at all. There's a bunch of cheese down there!

Yin, Yang & You


In the beginning nothing existed except for one single thing – I call it gravy – “as far as the eye could see.” There were no chunks of potato in the gravy, or slices of carrot. There was just gravy. An all-pervasive gravy which was neither hot nor cold. A colorless, odorless, tasteless gravy which embodied the entire universe. There was only one single thing in the entire universe and that one thing was gravy. The existence of the gravy is critical, for without gravy there would be no-thing. And anything in addition to the gravy would make for more than one thing. The important point is the existence of a single thing. Not zero, not two or more, just one. And that one thing I will refer to as gravy. Of course, the universe was not limitless. It had a boundary which contained all of the gravy. It was like a bowl of gravy in God’s kitchen. I may not have mentioned that God was there in the beginning too. I don’t know too many details about God – after all He is God – but I do know that He is responsible for everything that ever was or ever will be, so there is no way to negate Him from any story.

Actually, God is not a person; “He” represents everything that we do not understand. Primitive man attributed just about everything to the power of God. Primitive Man did not understand anything. But Primitive Man grew up into Not-So-Primitive-Man. And even though there is a ton of stuff that Not-So-Primitive-Man does not understand, he understands a whole lot more than his ancestor! Another way to look at it is that Not-So-Primitive-Man’s God was a little bit smaller than Primitive Man’s. As we learn more and more about nature, the mysteries unravel and God shrinks.

Order is the key to the acceptance of a Prime Mover, or God. It’s really a simple question which has to be answered: Is there order anywhere in the universe? If there is order, then there must be an Order-er. Order cannot spring from chaos randomly. Maybe for brief snippets of time, but I don’t think any sane person would argue that random chaos can produce perpetual order. I believe that order exists all around us. I think a good test for determining if something is orderly is whether that something is predictable. Examples of order are everywhere! The planets move in a predictable fashion around the sun. Seasons change in predictable patterns. Come to think of it, anything which has a definition is an example of order. A table will predictably maintain its tableness forever. In a chaotic universe, there can be no definitions except the definition for chaos itself. So, for all of you people out there who aren’t sure if God exists or not, now you know. God is the Order-er.

Let’s go back to the Kitchen. God has this big bowl of gravy on the table and there is nothing going on in there. There is no drama yet. Just gravy. So God goes into His cupboard and takes out the tiniest speck of something that is not gravy. It is the tiniest of tiny specks imaginable. Very very, tiny. I’m not sure exactly what the speck is made out of, but I do know for sure that it is not gravy. God throws the speck of non-gravy into the bowl and in so doing creates the differentiated universe. Everything that can possibly exist manifests itself out of the combination of the gravy and the speck.

And here is why. The gravy is the undifferentiated universe. The speck of non-gravy creates a duality – gravy and non-gravy. The existence of duality creates all possible pairs of opposites, such as good and evil, Heaven and Hell, light and darkness, hot and cold, etc. The differentiated universe is a universe of dualities and possibilities. Once the gravy was interrupted by the speck of non-gravy, literally all Hell broke loose.

The gravy represents group unity and peace and rest. Everything came from the gravy. We were in the gravy too, but our individualness was in a dormant state. We had the potential to be our self, but we only had an urge-to-merge into the group-soup and to blend into the gravy along with everything and everyone else. That urge changed when the speck was introduced.

The gravy represents groupness and the speck represents exactly the opposite. The opposite of a group is a single individual. The self. No self existed before the speck. There was just one big, perfectly contented family. There was no need to express individuality. The group was perfectly safe and satisfied. The concept of the individual did not even exist. When the speck was added to the gravy, in which we were all swimming around in absolute bliss, we were each apportioned a part of the total speck. The speck of self was distributed evenly to all of the potential individuals.

Where there once was only the urge for group consciousness within each individual, the speck changed the focus of the individual to a need for self expression. The immediate reaction of all the individual, distinct (though dormant) entities -- including you and me -- who had been for so long in a state of total and utter contentment, was to leave the comfort of the community and follow the urge to develop the self. We were like rays of the sun shooting away from the warmth and protection afforded by its starry qualities in an effort to get as far away from the group as possible. That is what the urge to self express is all about. It is the exact opposite of the urge-to-merge or the urge for group expression.

To summarize then, our consciousness originates from absolute group awareness. The speck of self shifts our need from group to self expression. We then set out on our journey which takes us away from the comfort and safety of the community.

Let us follow one of these rays of light as it journeys away from the sun. At first, the sense of self is very, very small. It is enough to force us away from our comfort zone, but our self is just the tiniest of tiny specks within the gravy of our slowly shrinking group consciousness. We still love the group at this point, and even though the need for self experience propels us away from the group, we are still very much interested in preserving the greatest good for the greatest number – even at our own expense.

As we get further and further away from the sun though, two things begin to happen; we get colder, and we become more solidified and crystallized. Every step we take away from the sun causes the speck of self within us to grow a little bit more. As the self grows, the love for our group shrinks. We become more self-absorbed and cannot make time for our group brothers and sisters. We still love them, but our circumstances do not permit the kind of charitable involvement we once had in their lives. We will do what we can for them as long as it doesn’t involve sacrifice on our part. The speck of self is no longer a speck. It is a large chunk which is growing rapidly. The bigger the self grows, the greater is our need to get further and further away from the community of the sun as quickly as we can. Where we used to harbor fond memories of the sun and our heavenly home, we are now somewhat irritated by such thoughts, but we still clearly remember our origin. And we continue to journey farther and farther into the darkness and cold.

Time passes. Our journey has continued without interruption. Our self has now grown to a point where our group aspect has shrunken down to chunk size and the once tiny speck now dominates our consciousness. We no longer love the group, in fact, we despise all other beings. Other people are just obstacles that block our path to greater self aggrandizement. Where we used to be inclined to help others, we now will go out of our way to harm them. We have little value for human life and do not feel bound by the laws of the land. We have hardened into a coarse, egotistical, immoral being whose only interest is to maximize material wealth. Our group aspect, though shrinking, is still large enough to allow us to hear the diminishing voice of our conscience berating our evil thoughts, words and deeds, but we are powerless over the ever increasing urge for even greater self expression. We have long forgotten that we originated from a heavenly star where we were part of a community of loving souls. The very thought of such a place is totally absurd. And we continue on our journey.

Time seems to have stopped. We have reached our destination. We are now at the exact opposite end of the spectrum from where we started. When we began, our group aspect was total with only the tiniest speck of self, now we are total self with only the tiniest speck of group.

Picture the symbol for yin and yang. I believe that this is the symbol of a process. The process begins with a totally white circle with a small black dot in the middle. It begins at the birth of self. The process continues until it becomes a totally black circle with a small white dot in the middle. This is the bitter end of self expression. When you take those two circles and combine them, and then give them a little twist to signify action or motion, you come up with the familiar symbol for yin and yang:




When we reach the bitter end of self expression, we have gone from one dot to the other. We have become pure and utter evil. The only good within us is the tiniest of tiny specks and it has no impact on our consciousness or behavior. We have reached the wall of absolute self expression. There is nowhere else to go. We are the self. Others have no value to us.

We are also totally miserable. The only thing left for us is self destruction. We have no remorse, but we also have lost all sense of purpose for our life. Our quest for total self expression has led us down an empty path of no return.

But just as we are about to pull the trigger which will end our sorry existence, we become aware of the speck which our group aspect has become. It’s a reverse of when God threw the speck of self into the gravy bowl. Now the speck of group has somehow activated and our urge shifts back to a need for group expression. We bounce away from that bitter end of the spectrum and follow the urge-to-merge into the group. We go back the way we came and gradually regain our moral fiber and our love for others.

This is the path that we all must follow. It is only through self denial and service to others that we will get closer and closer to our heavenly home. God has sent messengers to help us on our journey. All divine messengers share the same intrinsic message – forego temporary material pleasure for permanent spiritual bliss. Love is the key to advancement along the path which leads to Heaven. Jesus said to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” He said “Turn the other cheek,” and “He that is greatest among you will be your servant.” His message is clearly that we should sacrifice our personal agendas for the sake of everyone else. “Pick up your cross and follow Me.” It doesn’t get any clearer than that. Except of course when He says that if we don’t pick up our cross, then we are not worthy of Him! “I am the Way.” Jesus truly did love His neighbor as Himself. He did this because it is that kind of behavior which feeds the growing urge for group expression within us. Humanity cannot survive without an all-pervasive group awareness. There is no future in self.

We are now in the process of retracing our steps back to Heaven. This means that we as individuals have only one logical course of action. Self sacrifice. Our journey is like climbing an endless ladder into the heavens. We are all at different rungs of this ladder, depending on how we value the group over the self and demonstrate our conviction by selfless acts. Some of us may be more selfless in our tendencies, genuinely concerned about the well being and comfort of others and willing to make personal sacrifices to help those less fortunate. These represent the “few who are chosen” out of the “many who are called” to such life direction, to quote the Bible again. Others of us may be driven by the need for more and more self gratification, and the realization of the emptiness and loneliness of utter selfishness still lies in our future. There are even very few Individuals Who have completed the cycle and have been given the ultimate reward of freedom from the Wheel of Rebirth. These Masterful Beings are still with us, but must remain behind the scenes of humanity’s drama, because interference in the affairs of others is strictly forbidden by the Man in the Kitchen.


The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You.


There is a very well known scripture which, in my opinion, has been misinterpreted ever since Jesus uttered the words some two thousand years ago and it holds the key to solving the riddle of human existence. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” Seven little words, each no more than two syllables. Human minds have had no choice but to take this scripture figuratively, because to suggest that Jesus meant that Heaven is literally within a human being is patently ridiculous. How can you fit the entire Kingdom of Heaven inside of a body, or even inside all of the bodies of humanity if Jesus’ use of the word “you” was meant collectively. No, He must have meant His message to be figurative, as in “you” referring to an awareness potential to perceive the kingdom of Heaven.

I would argue that for all of these centuries we have misunderstood His true meaning. His message really was literal. What is it that is inside a human body? Our body is an organism composed of various biological systems which can be broken down into organs, tissues and cells. If we stop at the cellular level, we find the first Kingdom of Heaven. There we find a multitude of separate and distinct life forms which work together, sharing resources, each individual having all of its needs met by a benevolent administrative ruling power, while contributing its maximum potential towards the health and well being of the society as a whole. A virtual Utopia.

I assume that Jesus meant the word “you” to represent a healthy organism. But, interestingly, if we go deeper than the cellular level of our body, it doesn’t matter if the body is healthy or deathly ill, because at the deepest level -- the atomic level -- separation no longer exists at all. Subdividing the body, or anything for that matter, to the atomic level will yield only energy and unity. Time and space dissolve into pure, unblemished, undifferentiated glory. This is the true Kingdom of Heaven, and it awaits those who are willing to follow in the footsteps of Jesus as He demonstrated the way to eternal life by behaving in an absolutely selfless manner. His selfless life led Him to the ultimate sacrifice – the crucifixion of self – which we all must endure before we can enjoy the rewards of God’s world.

Other scriptures reference the concept of “the Christ within you”. I believe that the “Kingdom of Heaven” and “the Christ within you” are referring to that same divine essence which exists as pure atomic energy. Occasionally, that incredible light and goodness percolates into our consciousness causing us to perform a truly Christian act. These actions are very rare and they are always characterized by a motivation to help someone, with no thought of reward. When we behave in such a manner, it is the Christ within that is rising to the surface, ever so briefly. It doesn’t matter what our religion is. We could be a Buddhist, or a Catholic, or an Atheist. We could even be a Satan worshiper. It doesn’t matter what we believe, it matters how we behave. When we perform a loving action with no thought of reward, we are Christ for a split second. Anyone who knows in their heart that it is better to give than to receive has been Christ at some time in their past. Genuine giving is a truly Christian act.

Even though we have probably all experienced the truth of that old adage, we still don’t want to give. Giving is difficult, because with giving a part of our self dies. In order to experience that sublime Christ consciousness which is always available deep under the surface of our lower personality awareness, we must pay our pound of flesh. Our self knows this. It knows that its days are numbered. That is why when we make any kind of exerted effort to advance along the path of liberation, we will encounter more than normal resistance. First of all, we are being tested by Higher Powers Who monitor our progress and Who throw more and more formidable obstacles in front of us as though we were advancing through higher stages of a video game. Add to that the refusal of the lower self to willingly give up the reigns it has held over us since the beginning of time. There are no shortcuts to Heaven. Expect a bumpy ride.

If we can be Christ for a split second, then we can be Christ all the time. It’s just a matter of selfless living -- deciding to do the right thing with every breath we take. Deep within the core of every human being is an essential light and love which is expressed as we mature spiritually. St. Paul called this “The Christ within you, the hope of glory.”

Here is another way to look at this. Every human being is a tiny cell within the body of Christ. Christ is the entire organism, we are the cells. Each cell has its own awareness and identity. As we mature spiritually, our awareness shifts from that of a single cell in the body of Christ, to the Christ brain consciousness. We gradually merge into Christ's awareness along with everyone else. There is only unity. Unevolved human consciousness is not aware of this truth. You and I do not perceive harmony and bliss, we perceive separateness. Separateness is the grand illusion which we must all surpass. Glamours are anything which cause us to perpetuate the illusion. Any character trait which causes us the kind of pride which demands recognition for our individuality is a glamour, and must be eliminated. The reward for sacrificing our separateness is unimaginable. Think of an ant gaining human awareness and you will have only a glimpse of what we will experience when we merge into absolute Christ consciousness.

Cracking the Lid.


You’ve probably all heard the analogy of human existence being likened to living in a mansion with people choosing to restrict themselves to just the kitchen and the basement, or to the lesser rooms. There are many incredible rooms that we can access if we adjust our perspective, but we don't because we're contented with kitchen-basement existence. I like the analogy, but it’s not strong enough, because it doesn’t motivate me sufficiently to make the changes necessary to gain access to those other wonderful rooms. I'm too comfortable in my kitchen and my basement. I mean, my kitchen is stocked with everything I need to sustain myself, and my basement has comfortable furniture and plenty of toys. Sure its all in my imagination, but what more do I need? I’ve decided that this analogy needs to be altered. I like the idea of making my existence seem less desirable than it could be, so I’ve come up with a modified analogy. Instead of living in the basement and the kitchen, I’m going to put myself into the toilet. It doesn’t have to get crude or anything, but being in the toilet is something which will definitely motivate me to find a better dwelling. Expanding the idea, I’m enlarging the toilet and cramming all of humanity in there with me and shutting the lid. When you compare the glory of the World of God with the not-so-gloriousness of the World of Man, my analogy becomes quite appropriate, don’t you think?

Most Toilet-Dwellers are oblivious to anything spiritual. You can find them in Church on Sundays, because they have to guard against that eternal gnashing of teeth thing, but Toilet Dwellers do not dwell on spiritual topics, and they especially do not discuss religion amongst themselves. It’s considered taboo. Toilet-Dwellers discuss toilet things, like money and the pursuit and glorification of self-centeredness and immediate gratification.

I believe that Toilet Dwellers talk about God all the time. Whatever somebody is always thinking about or talking about is their God. It may be money, it may be their own ego, or it may be any number of things. We are all saturated with something in which we live and move and have our being within. More often than not, our God is not the Creator of the universe. But it is our God, nonetheless.

Everywhere outside of the Toilet is the true Kingdom of God. All of the Masters and the Angels, and the Cherubim and the Seraphim, etc. watch the antics of the Toilet-Dwellers with a mixture of pity and amusement. God will occasionally send a messenger into the plumbing in an effort to teach the Toilet Dwellers about what is available just on the other side of the lid, but usually these messengers are not met with the greatest of hospitality. Toilet Dwellers are only interested in maximizing their own creature comforts. The messages from the Spirit World interfere with the Toilet-mindset, because the key to escaping Toilet existence involves group-mindedness and denial of self. Most people have no clue that their self is a two-pronged self, i.e. that they have a higher and a lower self. They think they only have one prong and to deny it would be suicide. So, killing spiritual messengers is all about self-preservation.

Some people try to crack the lid a little to let some spirituality in. That's what priests do when they try to convince us to lead a more spiritual life. They are cracking the lid. This book is an effort to crack the lid. In my opinion, any thoughts, words and/or deeds which are not directed towards cracking the lid are a waste of time. That is what Toilet Dwellers do best, they waste time.

Life is nothing more than an opportunity to rescue our self from Toilet existence. I think we all know that spiritual glory is way worth the effort, but we suffer from something I call inertial complacency. Inertia makes it difficult to change our course, or the direction our life has taken. Complacency means we are too comfortable with our own existence to care about the comfort of others. Inertial complacency is another way of saying that we are too lazy to do the right thing. We must cure ourselves of this dreaded disease. Perhaps the words of a Master will help to get past this obstacle:


“The passing things of the senses are but trivial and of no value compared to the rewards, here and in this life, to the man who seeks to merge his everyday consciousness with that of his own soul. He enters then into the community of souls, and stands not alone. The only lonely periods are the result of wrong orientation and the holding on to that which hides the vision, and fills the hands so full that they cannot grasp what has been called ‘the jewel in the lotus.’”


Or in other words, “Hey Stupid, get out of the Toilet!”


As a Toilet Dweller ages and gets closer to the inevitable exit from this mortal coil, he tends to get very religious. He is not likely to see the folly of his Toilet ways, but he does fear for his eternal afterlife. He has been constantly needled by the Church during his life to seek its protection from the gnashing of teeth thing, but he pretty much ignored that threat like a swimmer would ignore a shark which is ten miles away. Things are different now. The shark is getting closer, and the Toilet Dweller is bleeding in the water. Now the shark is licking its chops while making a beeline towards him.

Lucky for the Toilet Dweller the gnashing of teeth thing is not real, or should I say it is not permanent. We do experience a temporary Hell after we die, and it very well might include some fire, brimstone and suffering, but it will not last forever and we will learn valuable lessons which will propel us to greater heights in our future.

What Happens When We Die.


So, what does exactly happen when we die? In order to answer that question, I have to delve into Theosophical doctrine.

During our normal waking hours, our consciousness utilizes our physical body as a means to interrelate with our environment. Our awareness goes along for the ride, so to speak, as our physical body flits around the physical dimension. When we sleep at night, we are literally passing into a different dimension. Our physical body sleeps, so our awareness must ride along in one of our other vehicles, or bodies of expression. Our dreaming body allows us to interrelate within the dream world, also known as the astral plane.

Physical laws do not apply to the astral plane. According to Theosophy, our perception within the astral plane is dependent upon the purity of vibration of our outermost astral atoms. Under normal dreaming circumstances, our astral atoms bounce around randomly, like water boiling, or the contents in a blender, for example. So the outermost atoms will be constantly changing, and on average will reflect the general kind of person that we tend to be. For example, Mother Theresa’s astral atoms were probably mostly very pure, and so on average her outermost atoms would reflect a high level of purity, which would result in a very Heaven-like astral experience. Her dreams would be pure dreams, because most of the time her outermost atoms would be very pure. On the other hand, if we take a very self-centered, evil, sociopath who intentionally harms people even though his conscience tells him not to, his astral atoms are mostly very impure, and so on average his outermost atoms would reflect a high level of impurity, which would result in a very Hellish astral experience. His dreams will be torturous nightmares, because most of the time his outermost atoms will be very impure. An average Toilet Dweller will have dreams very similar to his normal waking physical consciousness, because the purity level of his astral atoms is somewhere in the middle, resulting in pretty normal dream experiences.

It is very important to understand this astral law, because the process of dying involves a conscious passing of our physical awareness into our astral awareness. Dying is almost exactly the same as going to sleep, except that when we die all of the threads which allow us to return to the physical body are severed. Immediately after the death of the physical body, something happens which does not happen when we pass into a normal sleep, and which is directly responsible for our Heaven and Hell experience. Our astral atoms are rearranged, or sorted, in such a way that our most impure atoms end up at the outermost point of our astral body, and our purest atoms end up at the innermost point. Remember that according to the law of the astral plane, our experience in that dimension is dictated by our outermost atoms. After sorting, our outermost atoms are the most impure, so we will experience a relative Hell, based on the kind of person we were during our recent sojourn among the living.

According to Theosophy, the physical world, where we spend what we call our life, is considered to be the World of Causes. In that world we cause what we will later experience in our afterlife, which occurs in the World of Effects. In other words, we literally create our own Heaven and our own Hell based on the kinds of energy we attract to ourselves during physical incarnation. If you have ever been near a genuinely holy person, you know that those kinds of people exude or radiate something which is almost tangible. Similar to an exquisite fragrance emitted by a rare flower, truly selfless people radiate a compassion and goodness which is very magnetic. This magnetism attracts to them atoms of high levels of purity. The truth is that we are all very magnetic, but most of us attract very mediocre energies, because we are very mediocre people.

So, we start our afterlife in a Hell we have caused for ourselves, which manifests proportionate to our ugliest (or should I say our most selfish) thoughts, words and deeds we performed during our recently departed physical incarnation. Basically, we find ourselves facing our worst nightmare. But, unlike a dream, after death we must resolve whatever conflict is brewing within our consciousness. This could take a few minutes or it could take a few years. Time on the astral plane does not work the same way as time in the physical world. You will stay in the experience until you realize some measure of a loving solution, or basically, until you learn a lesson. And then those atoms undergo an astral death, thereby activating the next atoms which are now on the outermost edge of your astral body. But these atoms, due to the sorting process, are not as impure as the ones which have just dissolved. They are still relatively impure, but they won’t generate your worst nightmare, just another nightmare. These atoms will also die after you learn your lesson, and the process continues over and over, each new scenario becoming less and less Hellish, until the experiences actually become pleasant. Hell fades into Heaven and we can finally relax into longer and longer moments of comfort and happiness. The purest astral atoms also die after awhile and eventually our astral death is as final as our physical death. It is at that point where our focus shifts into an even purer vehicle of expression – our mental body.

Afterlife in our mental body is nothing but bliss. The mental dimension is literally the mind of God and even at its lowest level far surpasses the wonder of the highest levels of the astral plane. The mental dimension is the birthplace of ideas. An idea is the spirit, or essence of any given form. It literally is the life of a form. The following is an excerpt from a book written by Charles W. Leadbeater called “The Devachanic Plane”, (Devachan is another word for Heaven).


He finds himself in the midst of what seems to him a whole universe of ever-changing light and colour and sound, such as it has never entered into his loftiest dreams to imagine. Verily it is true that down here " eye hath not seen, nor ear hath heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man to conceive" the glories of the heaven-world: and the man who has once experienced them in full consciousness will regard the world with widely different eyes for ever after. Yet this experience is so utterly unlike anything we know on the physical plane that in trying to put it into words one is troubled by a curious sense of helplessness — of absolute incapacity, not only to do it justice, for of that one resigns all hope from the very outset, but even to give any idea at all of it to those who have not themselves seen it.


“Let a man imagine himself, with the feelings of intense bliss and enormously increased power… floating in a sea of living light, surrounded by every conceivable variety of loveliness in colour and form — the whole changing with every wave of thought that he sends out from his mind…


Interestingly, though there are dimensions even more purified than the mental dimension, all of these other higher worlds are basically considered to be a part of the mental plane. It is on the mental plane where we re-engage with our spiritual essence, or Soul. Eventually we must make that momentous decision as to where we will return to recommence our struggle through the maze on our way to the cheese. This decision is made with the utmost of objectivity. Pain and suffering are not shied away from. Our Soul chooses the most ideal location in the most ideal family in terms of maximizing our potential for growth. It may be decided that we need to undergo serious hardship and suffering to better appreciate our divinity and the divinity of all others. At any rate, the Wheel of Life turns once more and we are deposited into our new testing ground.

An interesting choice can be made for advanced disciples. It is possible to not allow the sorting of your astral atoms. Instead, you can make your services available to the Astral Administrators Who oversee all of the astral doings. In this way you can skip the Hell/Heaven astral experience, because your consciousness will be similar to the consciousness of your recently departed physical body. You will then be in a position to assist with the many tasks which face those who work on that plane. We're talking big-time brownie points for such a sacrifice. In fact, you can even choose to skip your true Heaven experience on the mental plane. I’m guessing when you are ready to make that level of sacrifice, you are very close to the cheese.

Another interesting tidbit of Theosophical lore is that our lives are often enmeshed with the same people, but the roles are shuffled around. So, your mother in this life may be your son in another life, or your boss today may have been your little sister yesterday. With the enormous number of lifetimes we must endure on our quest to the cheese, it is likely that every imaginable partnering possibility of significant personalities has occurred many, many times. This means that the conflicts which we currently have within our closest circle have their origins in ancient frictions. These karmic relationships will persist until a loving resolution is realized. In fact, we can never reach the cheese while we are tethered by any negative karmic bond. Any time we are irritated by another person in the maze we create a karmic bond with that individual. All of these karmic bonds must be eliminated with love before we can get off of the Wheel of Life, and while we are on that wheel we must reincarnate time and time again. Think about it. Any time we are irritated by anyone in any way we have guaranteed ourselves another lifetime in physical existence. Our goal is to get off the Wheel of Life. That means that the most important people in our lives are the people we hate the most. If we do not genuinely love people, we pretty much hate them in some small measure. If we hate anyone we are failing the test. This is the lesson we all must learn before we can enjoy the unimaginable glory reserved for the Masters of the Maze.

Another interesting observation I have made is that there are two kinds of relationships we can have with others. Most of our relationships are based on karma. In other words, most of the people in our lives irritate us to some extent and we must resolve the irritation with love. But there are those rare people in our lives who do not irritate us in any way. We respect and admire these people and they fill us with goodness instead of draining our energy. These relationships are based on destiny. When people share destiny they change the world together, instead of just individually. Eventually, after a gazillion years (and a whole lot of tears!), it is our destiny to change the world with every single human being. To reiterate, humanity is really the body of Christ. Each one of us is a tiny cell in the body of Christ, and as we awaken to our destiny, our awareness shifts from the tiny little cell we started out as and gradually merges into the consciousness of the total organism of Christ Himself. We become one with Christ as our lower selfishness is gradually eliminated. When all of the humans have shifted their individual consciousness into the Christ consciousness, we will all be Christ. We will all be merged into a single consciousness, and yet we will maintain our own individuality. We will be like someone with multiple personalities, each personality being a unique and loving being of incredibleness. And God will be pleased.



Before I write my final words, I have a few more observations. As controversial as this book may seem, its main argument is nothing more than the age-old argument of Faith versus Works. Staunch, died-in-the-wool, Bible-thumping fundamentalists will never accept the fact of their own divinity. They will always be sinners groveling before an angry God. In a way, my book offers compromise as a solution. The groveling sinner still exists, but is not a permanent fixture in God's plan for humanity. Faith is necessary to perform the works which are an absolute requirement to make progress along the path of enlightenment. Groveling is only a stepping stone along this path and must one day be converted to positive action, or service. The individual is as un-exalted in my model as the groveling sinner is in the fundamentalist model. In my model, only Christ gets the credit for good works, but the works are performed with the redeemed vehicles of the one-time groveling sinner. The action of believing something will get you nowhere. Your Bucket of Badness is your obstacle to glory. The Masters of the Maze will not embrace you as one of Their Own if you pose any measure of threat to Their Community, or if you are not willing to dedicate your entire existence and energy to the furthering of God's plan. The lower self must be totally erased in order to advance along the path which leads to the ultimate reward.

This is the message, I believe, which Maitreya will soon deliver. Already He is being called the Antichrist. Before you decide whether to support Him or crucify Him, please consider the following test. To determine whether someone is good or evil, imagine that he or she has been given all of the money, power and resources needed to completely accomplish his or her goals. For example, if Hitler had been able to manifest his dream world, there would have been clear evidence of evil as his underlying intent. I say this because the standard for measuring good versus evil, according to the Masters, is “The greatest good for the greatest number.” Hitler's greatest good would have benefited a not-so-great number. What if Maitreya manifests His dream world? What will the world look like? There will be no more starvation. Everyone will have adequate food and shelter. Everyone will have education and health care. War and violence will be a thing of the past. Hitler would have been exalted as the ruler of the world if he had his way. Maitreya has no desire for anything in this material world. He is already the Grand Poobah in Heaven, so what could he possibly want for Himself on this planet? Money? Power? No, He just wants to create Heaven on Earth, because that is His Father's wish. However, Maitreya does pose a threat to those evil forces on this planet who are unwilling to share and who are hoarding all of the wealth. Maitreya will no doubt be be pilloried by the media, which is a tool owned by these evil men, so keep that in mind when you are one day forced to choose one side or the other.

Also keep in mind that Maitreya and His Brothers aren't really going to do anything, other than teach those of us who are open to Their message how to bring about the necessary changes. All of the bricks of the New Society will be laid by human hands. The Masters and Maitreya aren't going to wave any magic wands to make it easier for humanity. I'm hoping we have reached the point of no return for Them and that They will wait for as long as it takes for us to organize our forces and rally behind Them. Wouldn't it be tragic if humanity did not respond to Their efforts? If The Masters just packed Their bags and went back to Their lofty homes shaking Their heads in obvious incredulity and disappointment at man's ignorance? We have a window of opportunity right now which will not last forever. Please open your hearts and minds to the Christ within you and let it lead you to loving action.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the Masters are not Maitreya's only brothers. Every one of us is a part of Their resplendent fraternity. Our lower self is merely a shadow, or reflection of our higher self, Who feels right at home in such exalted company.

I believe this book summarizes and simplifies man's struggle for meaning. There can only be one single truth. Everyone believes that their truth is the real truth. We cannot all be correct. If what I have written is indeed the real truth, then all of the other religions and philosophies are wrong. Or, in other words, most of humanity is wrong, because Theosophy has such a small following. Until you wake up to the real truth, you are sleeping. If you are enjoying your life in the World of Man, you are fast asleep. By that I mean, if your self is sufficiently stimulated and satisfied by the creature comforts of the material world, you are fast asleep. There is nothing wrong with sleeping or with living your life in the material world, just like there is nothing wrong with limiting yourself to a basement/kitchen existence while living in a grand mansion. In fact, there is nothing wrong, per se, about living in the toilet. There is, however, the Law of Cause and Effect which impacts you wherever you choose to live. A less than spiritual life style will generate less than spiritual circumstances. Absolute happiness occurs after the Ascension into Heaven. The Ascension into Heaven occurs after the Crucifixion. The Crucifixion occurs after you wake up. It is, therefore, in your best interests to wake up to the real truth.

That truth should reveal an all-inclusive Nirvana. In other words, nobody should be excluded or relegated to a place of eternal torture. That truth should also be a blend of Oriental and Occidental beliefs. Truth is a mountain with Buddha guiding the way on the Eastern side and Christ guiding the way on the Western side. Even though both of these Great Ones are pretty much saying the same thing, history has produced some very bizarre religions on both sides of the planet. The bottom line is to recognize the temporariness of your physical body in the World of Man and the eternalness of your spiritual body in the World of God.

If one single person reads this book and is motivated to find his or her way out of the plumbing, then I have succeeded. The advice I would give to that person would be to give everything, and then give again, thus in giving, gain. To suffer joyfully as you tread the way of love which leads to eternal life. To learn firsthand that sacrifice is not about giving something up, but about taking something away from that part of you which hides your essential divinity and clouds your mind with thoughts of self stimulation and temporary pleasure. To embrace the adversity in your life knowing that nothing happens by chance, and at every moment in time and space you have everything you need to take your next step forward on the path of liberation, no matter what your circumstances are. There is an incredible opportunity to tap into unprecedented grace right now. By spreading the word about Maitreya you can draw to yourself energies and light of such splendor and power that your life will be transformed completely. Study Benjamin Creme's web site and learn everything there is to know about the Master of all Masters. Be warned that many web sites exist with Maitreya's name, but only Mr. Creme's information at www.share-international.orgmirrors the Theosophical point of view. In fact, even among Theosophists, there is an unfortunate cleavage between those who support Maitreya and those who do not. One of the most important Theosophists of all time was Alice A. Bailey. All of her works were published by an organization called the Lucis Trust. The Lucis Trust does not endorse Benjamin Creme's claims about Maitreya being the returning Christ. Even though one of the primary focuses of their most important body of work centers around the reappearance of Christ and the Masters, the Lucis Trust does not lend its support to the efforts of Benjamin Creme. They have gone on record to say that Christ is not expected until around the year 2026. I am dumbfounded by their position.

With Maitreya already speaking to millions of television viewers in this country, it won't be a long wait to find out if this story is true or not. It certainly won't take thirty years, which is how long Mr. Creme has been proclaiming his message. It may take five years or ten, but probably no more than that, because the Masters have communicated that the planet will suffer irreversible trauma due to man's pollution and abuse of natural resources, within the next ten to fifteen years. Should such a catastrophe occur, evolution of life on this planet will take a huge step backwards. Though humans are “asleep” to truth for the most part, we have evolved significantly and there exists today more goodwill than ever before. The Overseers have, therefore, decided to protect humanity from itself, and have begun Their open mission.

Maitreya and the Masters have emerged into our world. Even though millions of people have heard Maitreya during His many television interviews, we are still in a holding pattern awaiting the day when He will openly declare His mission. Right now He is using some kind of magic to cloak His footsteps and His fingerprints. That is His prerogative. It would be in everyone's best interests to do whatever is necessary to hasten His declaration to the public. The reason that He waits is due to the sanctity of humanity's free will. Humanity must ask for Maitreya. Humanity's voice, if you will, is public opinion. Public opinion is the collective undercurrent of people's thoughts and feelings regarding global current events. There have been numerous miraculous phenomena which have occurred in recent months. These events have generated a smattering of public interest, but they have not influenced public opinion, because the powerful men who control and censor the media have, thus far, successfully blocked much of the information from reaching the man on the street. In January of this year the spiral display over Norway should have been enough for people with any intelligence to realize that we are witnessing other-worldly happenings. To suggest that a missile just started spinning while suspended in midair should have created some kind of public outcry for a better explanation. But it didn't, because we are Toilet Dwellers who are deathly afraid of what exists outside of that protective lid. The people on this planet seem to have a history of ignorance. Two-thousand years ago we tortured and killed the holiest Man Who ever walked among us. Now we accept ridiculous explanations instead of forcing our leaders to disclose what they have probably been covering up for decades.

I have one last observation which helps to blend all of these thoughts together. Totally understanding God is not possible for human minds in the same way that an ant cannot understand a human being. But, partially understanding God is something we do all of the time. The entire universe came from God, therefore, understanding any part of the universe is understanding God to some degree. God has two parts. There is the God-Immanent part, which is our universe made out of God-stuff, if you will. And there is the God-Transcendent part, Whom the Theosophical Authors refer to as “The One About Whom Naught May Be Said.” I always loved those references. The Masters explain that His name is not intended to shroud Him in secrecy; there simply are not any words in the human language which can describe anything about Him. It is like trying to use amoeba language to describe Albert Einstein's most profound theories.

An ancient Hindu scripture perfectly describes the immanence and transcendence of deity:


“Having pervaded this entire universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain.”


My body is comprised of many individual lives. “I” am this collection of cells, plus the consciousness which uses the aggregate of those cells during my lifetime. The history of my life is, therefore, the behavior described by my aggregate of cells. Studying my history will reveal the intentions behind my behaviors. Logically, then, the history of God's life (at least the God-Immanent part) is the behavior described by His aggregate of “cells”, which just happens to be the entire universe. Therefore, studying God's history, or the history of the universe, will reveal God's intentions, to some extent.

There are some things happening in the universe which nobody can dispute. First of all, there is a mineral kingdom which predates all other kingdoms in nature. The mineral kingdom includes all inorganic substances, like rocks, minerals, gems, crystals, etc. In the beginning, i.e. immediately after the Big Bang, the universe could only be described as the mineral kingdom, because nothing else existed. Somewhere along the way, life evolved from this mineral kingdom. How that happened is immaterial. The fact is that life in the universe, as science defines it, has a later origin than the universe itself. The first life forms comprised the vegetable kingdom. In other words, the God-stuff, which first manifested as just a bunch of rocks and minerals, evolved into forms which became more complex and capable of rudimentary experience. From the vegetable kingdom emerged the animal kingdom. Animals are even more complex than vegetation. Where the vegetable kingdom was relegated to the confines of a life anchored to the ground (ignoring the microscopic plant life in the sea), animals roam freely through every nook and cranny on Earth. In addition to the power of mobility, animals also exhibit a primitive form of intelligence with their instinctual behavior. Each successive kingdom which evolves exhibits ever increasing sentiency and power.

The human kingdom is the jewel of evolution. While man, in his ignorance, has been responsible for many of nature's woes, there is no denying the incredible capacity of the human mind. Very gradually, nature produced a life form which is capable of rational thought. The human brain is able to understand cause and effect. This allows humans to actually affect the natural order of things.

So, the universe, or God-Immanent, evolved from inorganic substance to limited life forms and finally to intelligent substance. One could argue that God's intention is to gradually become aware of Himself.

Getting back to the gravy and the speck... Something incredible happens at the end of this journey. The speck, which is the direct cause for the entire universe, has completely disappeared! Ironically, while it is true that there is no future in lower self expression, such experience must occur for anything else to occur. The speck in each of us forces us across the spectrum of human behavior which can only be described as a spectrum of love. At first, the love is for only self, but inevitably that love changes to love of others. On our return trip to the safety and comfort of our community, our portion of the speck becomes truly redeemed. We return to our origin and we are once again absolute lightness with just the tiniest of tiny specks of darkness which has lingered and refused to die. But, on this return trip the urge-to-merge into the group-soup is too strong for any part of our lower self to survive. By this time we are aware of absolute love and bliss at every moment. Our atoms are as pure as can be and, therefore, vibrate at a much higher rate than ever before. In fact, we have become light itself and we understand what Einstein meant when he posited that as mass approaches the speed of light it becomes infinitely large. We have become infinitely large. Our divinity has displaced our lower, animal nature. We have become omniscient and omnipresent and omnipotent. We become aware of ourselves as the Gods we have always been at the same time God becomes aware of Himself as the end product of natural evolution. When our last speck is redeemed into the light, time stops for us as an individual, and when time stops for the last individual, God's plan has reached fruition. At the beginning of this book it would not have made sense to suggest that God's overall plan is to redeem the speck and to annihilate time. Hopefully, it makes sense now at the end.



I feel the need to apologize for Yin, Yang & You. It describes a concept which is very dear to me, but close inspection of the metaphor reveals gaping mechanical errors. Just don't analyze it too closely and you will be just as fooled as I was. It took me years to notice the logic error!


I learned very recently that the world of atoms is not entirely free of conflict. It turns out that those litter buggers have a form of stress all their own. They do not all willingly share their stuff. Atoms will not hesitate to rip protons away from fellow atoms. This fact rips a giant hole in my major premise, but only semantically. In other words, my premise, that subdividing mass eventually leads to a common denominator of ubiquitous energy, still holds water. It's just not at the atomic level where this equilibrium can be found. It's buried deeper in the bowels of Quantum Physics. Everybody knows what an atom is. Hardly anybody knows what a quark is, so I'm sticking with the atomic level. If you split open an atom you will find a whole bunch of energy in there. Just go ask the Hiroshimians and the Nagasakians if you don't believe me. Trying to prove my theory to scientists could derail my whole project of writing this book, and I don't want to do that. I stand comfortably with my argument that underlying our perceived reality of separateness exists a deeper reality of synthesis. E=Mc2 is the basis of my argument. Without understanding anything about nuclear physics at all, I can look at that equation and see that energy stands alone, and mass with the aid of the speed of light can stand right there with it. The bottom line is that somewhere under all the mass of our universe there is a world of undifferentiated energy which is responsible for all that exists.




First, I'd like to thank the Man in the Kitchen for creating the universe. “You da Man!” I'd also like to thank my friend Rosemarie for a laundry list of things she's done for me, including marrying me, divorcing me (probably the most significant root cause of the events leading to this book), raising my children, supporting me emotionally, inspiring me, helping me write this book and even doing my laundry on occasion. “Thanks for the love!” My children, Lawrence and Thomas, have been instrumental in pushing me to the brink of insanity, which is where most of my ideas come from, so “Thanks boys, and keep on pushing!” I'd like to thank Benjamin Creme for his service to humanity, as well as all of the Masters of the Maze, “Save some cheese for the rest of us!” Thanks also to Kaley, and her wife Nigel for fixing my laptop. Nigel did all the work, but Kaley is a Leo, so she'll want all the credit. Thanks to Marcy, my almost Illustrator and thanks to Martha for the dubbing. Special thanks to Dr. P and Rena and Dr. Scott and April and Helen and Mariana and Jessica and Laura and Vanessa and Kelly and Ryan and Ann (with no “E”) and Edem and Stacy (I mean Larry!) and Rose and Derd (“If you keep your apron nice and clean there's no stopping you!”) and James and Pam and Brigitte and Rae Anne and Lisa and Janene and Sharon and Jake and Cynthia and Ulysses and Latonya and Larry and Halina and Ilene and Chelsea and Mark and Stephanie and Jack and Dawn and Jim and Bassem and Svitlana and Sylvia and Marie and Rox and Ruth and Mary and Nicole and Robert and Nicole and you too Marilyn. I wouldn't have finished if you guys didn't encourage my efforts. I have probably left out some names, so an even specialler thanks to anybody who I should have included. Thanks to some of my siblings (okay... thanks to all of them). It would be somewhat remiss of me if I did not give a “shout out” to Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Aunt Matilda, Johnny, Johnny's little sister, and all of the lamp posts, ants and amoebas out there everywhere. And finally, thanks to Mr. Stewart David Pudddddy. “I'm looking forward to our future conversations.”